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At Lease HQ we represent you, the tenant.

We are not an agency and have no conflicts of interest, so you can rest assured we put your interests first.

Commercial real estate agents work almost exclusively in the service of landlords.

Lease HQ has broken away from this traditional model and champions the underdog - advocating for companies that have never received a fair deal at the bargaining table when going up against sophisticated landlords when negotiating over commercial space.

In addition, we provide scalable lease administration services that enable our gold coast real estate clients to enjoy confidence and clarity in the management of their lease portfolio. 

We provide clients with timely and comprehensive reporting and analysis, facilitate timely decision making ahead of all critical dates, and ensure accurate invoicing and expense payment.

Lease HQ are experts in problem-solving and dispute resolution. Our goal is to ensure clients maintain positive, long-term relationships with landlords while ensuring fairness and lease compliance to protect our clients' interest.

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